Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hi everyone,long time no post here because of i am busy. Degree student is not as easy like a tadika or school student.ouch, still long journey i should go before i am graduated as a degree student.(a year more to go..:(..)
wish me luck and pray for my success
now,although i am enjoy watching korean drama and happy at home, i'm still worried about my result of past final examination and final year project for next semester and end of semester.
for sure,i will triple busy than before.ottoke..T_T
enjoying korean drama -Rooftop Prince- with the hensem and awesome hero !! 
 saranghae oppa!

Selera Aqim Tomyam

selamat petang.dah lunch dah semua?semoga kita diberi kesihatan yang baik olehNya. in sha Allah. semalam  hujung minggu takde buat ap...