Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What shocked me?!

hello to everybody.
first at all,i want tell to all of u about my broken and very2 bad English
this entry is not a newspaper or English subject that need a good grammar
hope u feel free to read and correct my grammar mistake or comment my entry at comment space below.
yeah,i'm ready and can accept any comment to improve myself.tQ:)

my class for today is too packed!(i mean for every Tuesday)
because of class is too packed, i just can concentrate for a little.
so sad because its take a long time but only a little input i got.
for every Tuesday, its same with my loving friends!
they faced the same problem when all of them also blur and frail 
(its okay because i think, my others classmate faced the same problem because its normal as human!not enough energy if body and brain work straight without rest!)

because we want to release tension, we went to a famous restaurant
actually its not a restaurant but its known as "food center" for uitm shah alam students
they called is "GERAI FLAT"..err,sorry. i'm a bit confused! what so ever.
yeah,i went to this restaurant with my friend who had go before this
like before (at other restaurant) i like to order so many menu
my friends were shocked!
i just smile with a confident and said "aku memang selalu order mcm tu la"

we are talking while waiting to our order.its not take too long time
and our order "safely arrived" and placed on our table
"oh my Allah!" i was shocked when i see full plate of fried rice and full bowl of tomyam!!
its true!I WAS SHOCKED!!
my eyes opened big like i see a ghost!(err,please dont trust me:P)

this is my dinner for today and i think it can cover until tomorrow

and at night after i eat all of this,i think i feel a fever
oh my Allah!it's too long time i didn't eat in this quantity
ps: how to diet when i eat like a king eat!just eat like a poor man!okeyy?!:))



izzONE said...

it's a good story,actually..hehe..never mind with the grammar.."broken2 also can"..hehehe..

anahwan said...

yes.insyallah everything gonna be okay. and practice make us perfect although it bad for the starting..!
thanks for support me dear..

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